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Dogs! A Science Tail

California Science Center

    About This Project

    California Science Center
    Los Angeles, California

    Evidence Design is completing final design for Dogs! A Science Tail, an immersive 7,000 square-foot traveling exhibition that explores the bond between humans and dogs — one of the most successful interspecies partnerships of all time. The exhibition reveals where dogs came from, how dogs experience the world, what makes our bond with dogs so special, and how to care for our canine best friends.

    Guests will discover the amazing origin story of dogs by digging up fossilized bones and analyzing DNA patterns to learn how scientists study this first domesticated animal. Visceral experiences invite guests to see, hear, smell, and think like a dog! Guests will have opportunities to see real dogs, pretend to be dogs, and share their favorite dog photos and videos. Elsewhere, guests can play with a virtual dog, test their canine pop-culture knowledge, and share their favorite dog photos and videos. Finally, participants explore the ethics and responsibilities that come with dog ownership: role-play as a trainer; brush and groom model dogs; learn tips about responsible dog care; share opinions on controversial dog issues; and consider what’s next for the future of dogs.