Future Energy Chicago

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

About This Project

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
Date: September 2013, Scope: 7,000 square feet

Evidence Design is proud to collaborate once again with the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago to develop a ground-breaking, richly participatory new exhibit experience that encourages young people to create their energy future. Future Energy Chicago is a timed event experienced by up to 30 guests at a time. It unfolds in three distinct parts: the Energy Garden, the Future Energy Film, and the Future Energy Chicago Simulation — a multi-player game.

In the Energy Garden, guests are immersed in a theatrical setting in which the energy of their bodies brings the environment to life with colored lights, shadow play, projected textures of fire, water and rotating text. Plasma trees glow dramatically at the center, brought to a riot of sparking colored light as guests engage the hand cranks that power its branches.

After the excitement and visual effects in the Energy Garden swell and peak, the activities power down and the space goes dark. A six-minute, visually stunning Future Energy Film celebrates the wonder of energy in our natural world, introduces guests to the global energy challenges we face and then calls them to action. The collaborative physical activities of the Garden coupled with the inspirational Film set the stage for the Future Energy Chicago Simulation game.

The Future Energy Chicago Simulation engages guests to explore creative solutions to our most critical energy challenges. Teams compete in five fast-paced activities to design a future car, house, neighborhood, transportation network and power grid for Chicago. The Simulation is based upon real world information and data that can be updated to reflect the rapidly changing energy landscape.

Project Partners

Potion Design

Donna Lawrence Productions

Focus Lighting

SH Acoustics

Chicago Scenic