Dinosaur Hall

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

About This Project

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
Date: July 2011, Scope: 10,000 square feet

Evidence Design partnered with the curatorial team at Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (NHM) to develop their signature fossil galleries as a cornerstone of the institution’s renovation program.ᅠ The Dinosaur Hall transforms the 1913 and 1920 galleries into a breathtaking series of specimen-rich investigative environments that showcase the museum’s extensive collection. Evidence Design introduced significant architectural revisions, such as adding large windows to illuminate the once darkened space. A new mezzanine vertically links the two galleries, improves circulation and provides dramatic views of the specimens.

Articulated platforms represent quasi-landscapes, breathing life into the dynamically posed mounts, minimizing the use of glass barriers and allowing guests nearly unfettered views.ᅠVisitors to the Dinosaur Hall will learn to observe, question, hypothesize, construct and challenge theories of the past as scientists do, gaining a greater understanding of the dinosaurs that successfully roamed Earth for 180 million years.

Project Partners


Unified Field • Focus Lighting

NHM Dinosaur Institute • kbda

Phil Fraley Productions

Research Casting International

CO Architects • Cordell Corporation