On the Boards

New Burke Museum

Seattle, Washington

    About This Project

    Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
    Seattle, Washington

    Early in 2014, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, the state museum of Washington, chose Evidence Design to conceptualize the visitor experience for an entirely new Burke. Now on the drawing boards, this new building will house much of the Burke’s extensive collections of objects and artifacts from the Pacific Northwest and around the globe.

    Evidence is working with museum curators, collections managers and educators along with design architects Olson Kundig to re-imagine its labs and collections spaces as more than warehouses. Instead, visitors will experience behind-the-scenes activities, ranging from preparing specimens to piecing together objects of the past — and you never know what might arrive at the loading dock!

    Mammoths, giant sloths and towering totem poles are among the iconic objects that telegraph the natural and cultural richness of the region. Each floor will feature a gallery designed to immerse guests in the wonder and excitement of the science that describes our world. The exhibition spaces will create a context for the Burke’s collections as well as the ongoing research by curators, visiting scholars and artists. Guests will participate in activities that connect science to their own lives.

    LINK: Behind the Scenes