Project ALS

Traveling Science Exhibit

About This Project

New York, NY
Date: October 2005 and Travel, Scope: 1,000 square feet

Project ALS is a medical research foundation dedicated to finding a cure for ALS–a degenerative motor neuron disease, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Our challenge was to create a traveling exhibit that embodied the mission of Project ALS, as well as to provide an introduction to the mechanics of a horrific disease with a view into the ground-breaking science by Project ALS researchers and clinicians.

Most of the medical research takes place on a microscopic level. Our approach was to conceptually magnify the microscope slide, then overlay a mask carrying descriptions of medical and scientific explorations. The primary exhibit consists of large glowing images of the microscopic world, punctuated by high-definition animations of motor neurons and physical models of relevant microscopic bio-structures. A translucent, perforated polycarbonate mask with silk screened type overlays these micro-views, mirroring medicine’s partial but developing understanding of ALS.

Three custom medical animations were commissioned and strategically employed to do the heavy-lifting for the difficult content. The animations visually floated–emerging out of each glowing surface. The productions provided a brief yet dynamic glimpse into the micro-world of our intricate nervous system and some of the ways a cure may be found for ALS and other motor neuron diseases.

Project Partners

Maltbie Associates

IO Media