Policing a Changed City

New York City Police Museum

    About This Project

    New York City Police Museum
    Date: June 2007, Scope: 1,000 square feet

    Through large-scale photography and original interview footage on interactive displays, the exhibit immerses visitors in a behind-the-scenes view of what it means to secure New York City. The exhibition documents the significant transformation of the NYPD from a traditional crime-fighting organization to one that places an equally strong focus on counterterrorism. Evidence Design worked closely with the NYC Police Museum and directly with the NYPD, interviewing top-ranking officers and commissioners to develop content and collect materials for the exhibition. Interactives feature footage of NYPD Liaison officers stationed in 12 foreign cities – interviewed for the first time ever. The Real Time Crime Center interactive allows visitors to solve real crimes with an interface that emulates the NYPD’s RTCC software.

    Project Partners

    Maltbie Associates

    Pamela French

    Unified Field